Punctuation marks are not translated! (2 posts)

I think plugin Transposh is best splendid translator for WordPress.
Thanks for your great jobs.

Well, I have recently upgraded Tranposh to latest version
However, a big problem had occurred as a result of the version up.

Regrettably, the punctuation marks are no longer converted in automatic translation mode.
See the screen of translation result at my web site

What is a reason that this phenomenon has occurred?
Please teach me on the solutions for this problem.

My web environment is as follows:

*Transposh Translation Filter Version
*My web site –
*WordPress Version 4.5.2
*PHP Version 5.3.3
*mysql Client API version 5.1.73

As other issue, I cannot select a translation engine in Automatic Translation Settings Screen.
See at

※7月22日 追記
Can’t diaplay a tranlated page! (1 post)

In Tranposh latest version, I’ve encountered this big problem recently.
The ordinary page of my web site is Japanese, so when I try to display my English page (, can’t display the English page.
However this trouble has not occurred in the edit mode of WordPress and Smart phone display mode.
Whether this cause is due to conflicts with other plugins? or not?
Please help me!



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