Discard the shops of communication karaoke DAM、Installing the Wii Karaoke U at home

Along with going out of business shops、Through this month from last month、The majority of the DAM communication karaoke equipment was disposed of sold off in Yahoo! Auctions。
Four BOSE of speakers (301V / 111AD) to the front and rear、YAMAHA subwoofer is in the configuration of one、The karaoke、The we had to build the best sound system、No This environment has disappeared is a shame。

there、Since this remains in sad、Use the funds and equipment to remain in the home, which was obtained in the Yahoo auction、We decided to re-build a karaoke of the environment。

Karaoke、Has selected are pre-installed "NINTENDO × JOYSOUND Wii Karaoke U" to WiiU。
WiiU is、As the game machine seems to be unpopular、WiiU GamePad operates as Denmoku of JOYSOUND karaoke boasts a number of music that more than 10 million songs、For though it is for home use in a full-fledged communication karaoke、The karaoke I think that it is a game machine that is suitable most。

Because I think that I do not use only karaoke、Although we chose BASIC SET of WiiU、If you want to play in other games、I think that is good for a variety of peripheral devices is selected towards the packed premium set。
However、just now、On BASIC SET is that is to stop production、WiiU itself seems to be the context of scarce。
Affected、The BASIC SET of price 25000 yen has become to be purchased from Yahoo! Auctions in the Premier price of secondhand 28000 yen。( Roh Д`)
Further、WiiU wireless microphone and AV cable for Wii Karaoke U was also ordered an additional。An additional amount is also used、It was purchased from Amazon。After all、Now I thought was more than spending。 Barley
Further、Since there is no LAN port to WiiU、Wireless LAN environment is mandatory。

BOSE-111AD (2 units) is、It is preserved to the speaker had。Suspended from the ceiling、It is connected to the pre-main amplifier A-907X of ONKYO。
DELL Inspiron-531 is、In BGM playback of PC、ZOOM sound digital reverb and multi-effect of "RFX-300"、ONKYO equalizer "EQ-205" is also because it is for a similarly BGM、Karaoke mode, it bypasses the audio output by the selector operation of both devices。
With respect to karaoke part、Through the WiiU dedicated AV cable audio output of WiiU、Simply connect to the A-907X。

In order to use the WiiU karaoke、Advance to get a Nintendo Network ID、You will need to purchase a ticket。I than "NINTENDO e over Shop"、90-day ticket (the all-you-can sing) was purchased using a mobile Suica electronic money。It is useful because it can be easily operated from the GamePad of WiiU。

From the Options menu of the Wii Karaoke U before starting the karaoke、There is a need to set the audio output mode to an external speaker。Once、It is better that was also carried out sound shift correction、If you use an external speaker、Sound shift is there seems to be no。

Incidentally、Avatar in the login and karaoke rooms in the Wii Karaoke U (Mii) You can create up to 10 people, including himself。The GamePad booking screen、That the character of this created Mii is displayedtroublesomeIt is interesting。

immediately、Appropriately to the music selection、I tried to sing several songs。Denmoku of the GamePad is、It works for the comparable without business。In addition to it、In the "Video Settings" on the reservation screen、The other the original stage design can make、Same "karaoke movie" Ya and karaoke BOX、Since You can also select the national scoring online、The earliest、The toy has become a full-fledged spec that does not say。

An unfortunate point、That the number of music of the guide vocal is less、That person where there is no video、That battery durability of the GamePad is bad、then、This is where the performance of the microphone went and not good enough。
WiiU wireless microphone、Is the type to use to insert the receiver into the USB port (unfortunately、Mike of WiiU can not be used is commercially available)。
This microphone、If you are using a frequency band of the radio frequency 1.9GHz、Since the frequency band of the cordless telephone set of the installed Panasonic in the same room is 1.9GHz、Occasionally causing the interference of radio waves、It breaks the sound。
Daiichikosho 800MHz wireless microphone system that has been used in the shop "Cyberpro Model-800Pro" operation was stable。I mean、It should not be compared with the equipment for the business that price is more than 10 times the expected。
Although it is not the sound quality will be better、If the radio wave interference is a concern、I think I should use the code microphone WiiU。

After all、Since the game became want to do、From Rakuten and Yahoo! Auctions、In any new、500GB of HDD (manufactured by Buffalo、3000 yen) was also added bought at 5000 yen) and the Wii Remote Plus, Peach (postage included。(;^_^A
To and download the game、Because not immediately enough in the main memory of WiiU、External HDD is required。

* Added on April 22
Code Mike arrived from Amazon。also、If the code microphone without entering the noise、Sing easy。Since such a headphone can be attached two amplifier、Singin you at high volume, even in the middle of the night!


★Manufacturer site is here ⇒ Nintendo×JOYSOUND Wii Karaoke U