Mineral show Tokyo 2016

On the Sunday of the week、Japan's largest is held annually in Tokyo's Ikebukuro Sunshine City minerals、Fossil、Precious and ornamental stones、I went to a jewelry exhibition event "Tokyo 2016, mineral show"。
So this year's 25th anniversary、Domestic exhibitors 272 companies.、From overseas 92 companies and、Past one of the biggest events!

My jewelry site "Private jewelry collection"Too many minerals and jewelry bought from the Exhibitor's(^^♪
I uploaded the photo in the gallery below、To the healing of the eye please~💎(^ _ ^)/

Birthstone on March


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Of March birthstone、Aqua is a Marine。

The composition of the Aquamarine、Primarily located in the beryllium、It belongs to the beryl of the same mineral as the Emerald。

The following is from my collection。

A birth stone in February


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February birthstone、Amethyst is。

The main producer of amethyst is Brazil。
Further、Uruguay production of amethyst、Dark purple is characterized by。

The following is a collection of amethyst that I have collected。

January birthstone


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Wishes to all the people around the world a Happy New Year!

January birthstone、It is garnet。
In garnet、Of wine color load light、Orange Supesataito of、Hessonite、Yellow of Mali garnet、Green Tsavorite、Demantoid etc.、There are various types。

The following is a collection of garnet that I have collected。

December birthstone


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December birthstone、Turquoise、Lapis lazuli、It is tanzanite。

In this、Turquoise I common roughly the world、Thing that was selected is jewelry manufacturers for lapis lazuli and tanzanite。

In the following gallery、We introduce them of stone from my collection。

November birthstone


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November birthstone、Topaz and is Citrine。

Topaz、Champagne color is a common color。

Blue Topaz、But also exists a natural color、Distribution amount is negligible。
Most of the Blue Topaz、By irradiation and heat treatment of gamma-ray、It has been processed in the stone of color, such as "Swiss Blue" and "London Blue"。

Citrine, but there are natural stone even (citrine)、Amethyst stones (amethyst) a heat treatment to discolor in yellow also exists。
Pendant in a photograph is assumed that processing stone。

October birthstone and Halloween


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October birthstone、Opal and is tourmaline。

Among the、For Opal、I like the black opal and opal water。
Also、About Tourmaline、I like pink tourmaline and Paraiba tourmaline。

Since the black opal and Paraiba tourmaline is a luxury jewelry、We had a hard time to gather。A part of the collection You have put the following。

*Other jewelry、We introduce the site of my jewelry collection。⇒ Secret Jewelry Collection

Actually、October 31、It is my birthday。
this day is、I think I know Halloween (^ _ ^;

Once upon a time in Japan、To Halloween、I everyone was indifferent、Recently、I feel like began to make noise。

However、In the case of I、Every day it's Halloween ...

For the time being、I also piggybacked、So we have to wait for some cosplay、Thank you the extent of your visit。(^ _-)

September birthstone


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September birthstone、It is sapphire。
Sapphire、It belongs to the ore called the same corundum and ruby、Its composition、Consists of aluminum oxide (chemical formula Al2O3)。

Sapphire ogle、Although blue is common、Actually、green、pink、orange、white、And so on、There are various types to other。
Among the、I、Cornflower blue, which is the finest I like sapphire is the best of the color of the (Royal Blue)。

Further、From the sapphire which I have collected、Ruth other than blue leave stuck below。
Among this、Padparadsha sapphire of production natural is the most rare in Sri Lanka。
Pink How can sapphire also cute and beautiful、If the color is red、Rather than the sapphire、It is called a ruby。 (^ _ ^;)

August birthstone


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August birthstone、It is peridot。
The following photos、It is an excerpt from my collection。
Peridot、It is a silicate mineral consisting of magnesium and iron。

Birthstone on July


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