Pub Labyrinth - imageこのサイトは、湘南・平塚のニューハーフパブ『ラビリンス』を経営する千里のポータルサイトです。
Pub ラビリンスの公式HPは、以下の通りです。

This site is the portal site of Senri who manage newhalf pub "Labyrinth" in Syonan Hiratsuka, Japan.
Domain for was transfered to Japan in January 2015, though had been placed in USA with the DNS (registrar) & Web server both for a long time.
This web site has been reborned as Senri’s portal site, after I restructured this system basing on the platform of WordPress by latest technology from 0 when the server transfered.

Here, in addition to the introduction of my shop and casts, also through the blog and gallery about things such as daily events, we plan to inform continuously.
Further, if you are interested in my shop, Please visit at ease. The official HPs for Pub Labyrinth are as follows:

PC icon ラビリンス PCサイト (Labyrinth PC site)
Smart phones icon ラビリンス iPhone・スマフォサイト (Labyrinth Smart phones site)
Cell phones icon ラビリンス 携帯サイト (Labyrinth Cell phones site)

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